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Many couples tend to come for Couples therapy, as a last resort, often leaving it too long before arriving that at least one of the partners is past caring.  Please, seriously consider therapy in time to do some good, especially if:

  • One of you is very insecure, clingy or jealous and this is ruining the relationship;
  • You are dealing with infidelity and affairs
  • One or both of you cannot talk about your feelings
  • Discussions turn into rows without resolution
  • One or other of you is unhappy much of the time;
  • You have stopped having sex.
  • You feel conflict about the relationship and do not know what to do.
  • You are having discussions about divorce or separation
  • You are renegotiating the terms of your relationship
  • You are having difficulties with intimacy and closeness
  • You are repeating destructive relationship patterns
  • There has been a Loss of Trust

  • Difficulties with Poor self esteem
  • You have difficulty with conflict and power dynamics
  • You have cross cultural relationship issues
  • You experience problem with sexual desire
  • You have fertility issues
  • Difficult relationships with your in laws and family
  • You or you partner have addictive Behaviours
  • You or your partner has commitment difficulties
Couples Therapy | Couples Counselling | London | Worldwide

Many people I work with struggle with certain beliefs and stories they have about relationships;

  • You might imagine that you should be able to establish a rich and satisfying relationship with another person  even if you did not learn to be in a loving relationship  with yourself.
  • You may believe that a successful relationship largely depends on finding the right person, and doing the right things. People who are in relationships with  people who tick boxes are never satisfied in a relationship.
  • You might not be aware of the way you affect another person, often the way you treat another person is a direct expression of how you relate to yourself.
  • By this I mean that your outer relationships are a reflection of your inner life, you can only be as open and present with another as you are with yourself.

Walking the path of relationship deepens the soul’s capacity for compassion, the heart’s capacity for embracing love, and helps us to understand love’s cycles of giving and receiving. The closer we come to another, the better we come to know ourselves.

Couples therapy focuses on the problems existing in the relationship between two people.

Relationship problems always involve individual symptoms and problems, as well as relationship conflicts.

  • Couples therapy will help you and your partner identify the issues of conflict within your relationship, and help you decide what changes are needed, in the relationship and in the behaviour of each partner, for both of you to feel satisfied with the relationship.
  • Couples therapy may be short term. You may need only a few sessions to help you manage a crisis.
  • Couples therapy may be long term, for several months, or longer, particularly if your relationship has greatly deteriorated.
  • As with individual psychotherapy, you typically see a therapist once a week or over a couples intensive which may last several days.
    Couples therapy is different from individual psychotherapy or counselling because the relationship is the focus of attention, instead of one individual.

I use a variety of therapeutic and creative interventions, which can help couples, develop the tools for a successful relationship.

Couples Therapy | Couples Counselling | Relationship therapy |London

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Couples Therapy | London | Worldwide