Healing your Sexuality

The group will help you to move past trauma, fear and anger by releasing past issues that prevent you moving forward. It can help reduce stress and break habitual patterns stored in your energy field and replace them with a more effective means of living, helping you to find your personal power.

Although no one can change events that have occurred, you will be encouraged to explore your relationship to experiences and change the way you relate to them in the present.

You will be encouraged to discover what is needed for you to live in a more fulfilling way, and what you may need to say good-bye to in the past in order to cross your present threshold and move on.
This work can help you live in the present with more congruence becoming free to relate to others in an authentic way.

The group will run over one weekend. Please enquire for dates.
The group wok is based on an integrative approach drawing on Humanistic, Developmental, Transpersonal, Gestalt, and behavioural and cognitive Psychotherapy. It uses energy-based Transformational Psychotherapy combining Breath work, Meditation, Visualisation, Energy work, Body Work, Art therapy and Drama therapy.

Group Psychotherapy | London


Themes covered include:

  • Victim –Survivor –Individual: establishing yourself as an individual rather than a person who is connected and identified to patterns of abuse.
  • Survival and Coping Strategies
  • Intimacy and Relationships understanding relationship patterns within family of origin and chosen relationships
  • Self-esteem/ Confidence
  • Developing a healthy sense of Identity and Sexuality, healing your sexuality as a sacred and chosen part of yourself.
Participants are encouraged to attend all sessions and commit themselves to one term as the positive outcome of the group is directly related to the stability of its membership. New members will be permitted if spaces become available.

You will be invited to attend a consultation before attending the group.
Contact Aisha Ali for an appointment.

See Living from the Heart programme for Weekend Workshops/ Group Workshops

Psychotherapy Groups are designed for 8-10 people as an optimum, to ensure that there is adequate time for all.

Please contact for details: Aisha Ali 07855 781210